27th Aug 2013

Badminton Information

Local Information

Badminton Development Officer for Manchester
Lancashire  County Badminton Association
Cheshire County Badminton Association

North West Leagues:

Bolton Badminton League
Leigh League
Manchester and District Badminton League
Stockport & District Badminton League
Tameside Badminton League
Whitefield and District Badminton League

Sports Centres in Greater Manchester
Another list by Sportfocus (centres and clubs, scroll to the bottom for the index)

National Websites

BBC Sports: Badminton news, calendar and results for badminton
Badminton England   The sports governing body in England


Aerospace (Stockport & Tameside Leagues)
Carrington (Manchester League & Stockport League)
Forrest (Manchester League
Markland Hill (Bolton League)
Medlock (Tameside League)
Mellor (Tameside League & Stockport League)
Nomads  (South Manchester League)
Northern Flight (virtual!)
Pyramid Ventura (Manchester League)
Silver Feather (South Manchester League)
Syddal Park (Stockport League)
Walkden (Whitefield League & Leigh League)

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Yonex All England
Open Badminton Championships
4-9 March,2014

the NIA, Birmingham

2014 Nationals
8-9 February
Milton Keynes

Yonex All England 2009 

English Nationals

[All England]

English Nationals